Saturday, January 28, 2006

Something to Smile About

The Travel Cheap Flights Finder website is shaping up.

Not that it will ever be finished. The subject matter is huge. As big as the world.

The encouraging thing is that it beginning to show up in the top ten results at MSN. I'm still waiting and hoping that the Google results will be as good. So far most of the site has been spidered but not indexed.

Thank you all for your support and for using the services. Any suggestions for future topics and web pages will be appreciated. You can reach me at the email address shown in my profile.

David Greene
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Friday, January 27, 2006

Travel Cheap Flights Finder Trip Advisor


A recently added service to Travel Cheap Flights Finder is a review service where travel review are written by travelers much like your good self.

These unbiased reports on recent trips tell it like it is.

Good experiences are well noted and bad experiences are well pointed out.
The information will be of great help as you plan your own trip.

The hotel reviews are especially well received. Occasionally a real find is discovered. A hotel that offers cosy comfortable rooms, smiling professional service, and delightful dining, all at modest prices may just keep you from booking at a standard tired international type hotel.

Give it a good go and
find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor The recent first hand information of fellow travelers who have made their own Travel Cheap Flights Finder trip is hard to beat.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cheap International Airplane Ticket

International air travel and the market for cheap international airplane ticket is not what it used to be.


You can now find a cheap international airline ticket while seated in the comfort of your own office or home. International travel is now such a competitive market place that consumers around the world benefit from the open pricing structure found online.

Todays marketplace is a far cry from the market for a cheap international airplane ticket that existed less than twenty years ago. Then you were more or less at the mercy of your travel agent or even worst the airlines reservations office. Translate that as higher prices. A true low cost market for cheap international air travel didn't exist.

Newly developed technology has recently benefited all air travelers who are even slightly Internet literate. Travelocity, a leading provider of worldwide air travel, hotel reservation, car rental and other travel related services has perfected a new online airline flight booking system that is of real benefit to any international traveler.

While some very good Internet air flight booking systems exist they have one common problem. They are not truly International systems as their data base just doesn't cover all of the worldwide bases. Most of them are focused on a specific region.

Here is an example of the challenge.

Let's say you are a Russian doctor who needs to make a flight reservation from Moscow to San Paulo, Brazil to make the keynote address at a medical convention. Using conventional online booking systems the good doctor would be hard pressed to find a system that could make such a complete decent connection at any cost.

The systems are not connected with enough global international air carriers to get the job done. Probably the doctor can get as far as London without difficulty, but that's about it.

Here is Your Cheap International Airplane Ticket Booking Solution

The Travelocity system has connections to just about every major carrier going to just about every major destination on this planet. The software and hardware systems running the program are impressive as is the total worldwide network.

Within seconds of submiting a travel quote request the good doctor (and you too) will be presented with the best available price and a list of carriers to choose from. And you can do this for an incredible number of airports and flight destinations around the world.

Your cheap international airplane ticket can be purchased for just about any point of departure and destination city in the world. You can even save more by booking your hotel room at a great rate at the same time.
Travelocity's Low Fare Alert [ cheap international airplane ticket ] searches thousands of flights for fares that can save you 20%* or more on your trip.

One of the most important cheap international airplane ticket is a ticket to London. London is one of the world's most heavily traveled international flight hubs and offers cheap flights from London to the rest of the world.

Isn't technology grand? It makes it so much easier to travel by air on the cheap and still have a quality expereince.

Cheap Flights Asia

It's a long way from the Western World to Asia. A cheap flights asia will help to relieve the stress and strain of a long haul cheap flight.

Saving money on airfare always makes one feel better.)

From the West coast of the US a cheap flights thailand, cheap flights manila, cheap flights china, are all going to take 15 to 24 hours or so.

At least by saving money on your ticket purchase you will have something good to think about enroute.

Be assured that there will be many unique fantastic treasures that you will want to purchase while in the region. Your cheap airfare savings will be well spent by the time you reluctantly board your return flight.

Asia is a fascinating destination. Most Asia economies are booming, especially China's and living conditions are changing fast even in rural areas. You had best hurry and make your trip if you want to see and experience the old Asia.

With a young population that seems to have limitless energy and ambition Asia is on the onward and upward consumer goods consumption path and is poised to put on a quite different face over the next decade. Don't delay, visit now.

Book Your Cheap Flights Asia to Bangkok First

If you plan travel to tour around Asia from the US or Europe, Bangkok, Thailand is a good place to choose for your first destination cheap flight asia booking.

Why? Don't worry or wonder I'm about to tell you.

Bangkok is centrally located in S.E.Asia and is a major hub for International and regional carriers. Ticket prices are cheap within Thailand and inexpensive for the one and a half to two and a half hour flights to other major cities in the region. For example you can get cheap airfares Manila, cheap flights China, and cheap flights India at just about any travel agency.

Most Thais working in the travel industry will speak decent understandable English.
Just be sure to speak slow.)

Infrastructure is good and prices for food, clothing, electronics, and personal services like hair styles and spa treatments, are much less than in the US or Europe.

Bangkok has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world with wonderful service and amenties and they are available at relatively cheap prices. If you are traveling from London or New York you will immediately see the value.

Of course, while planning your travels if you are like most folks you will need to pay attention to your budget. A resource that will help you to do this and to book cheap flight asia with Travelocity will save you money on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and more

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Cheap Flights Japan

For those of you flying directly to Japan for business or vacation a new high tech booking engine with a tremendous data base will find you a cheap flight from just about anyplace in the world. This high speed search engine searches the schedules and fares of many more airlines than conventional search engines to find you the very best deal.

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A recently added service to Travel Cheap Flights Finder is a review service where the reviews are written by travelers much like your good self.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2006 - The Year of Reality, Part One

Happy New Year Everyone. If only wishing could make it so.

I fear that 2006 will be the year of reality on several important fronts, especially the War in Iraq, the US stock market, and the worldwide housing boom bubble. I'll say a few words ( probably hundreds of words once the Damn Naker Blogger gets warmed up ) about the War in Iraq in this blog and get to the other reality defying events in follow up blogs.

I have tried to not blog on the unholy Iraq war as by now everything and every point of view imaginable must have been already expressed by other bloggers. But recent events have given me a desire to pitch in. I will not rehash all of the reasons why I have been opposed to this war from the get-go. I will sum up as best I can what we can expect in 2006.

President Bush has a noble view of what the war will bring. Peace and stability in Iraq, the region, and a blow against terrorists wherever they may be. Unfortunately, his vision is only that, a dream divorced from reality.

Until recently his salesmanship has been able to gloss over many of the unpleasant realities of Iraq and of the region. The little Emperor with great arrogance and ignorance has been able to paper over the lack of planning and his lack of experience in commanding an occupying force and of even more significance his lack of understanding about just how powerful the forces of tribe and religion are in Iraq and the region.

Arrogance and ignorance. It's a killer of a combination.

As evil as Saddem may have been he was a clever tribal chief who knew the realities of Iraq very well. This is why he was eventually able to fight his way to the position of dictator. He made himself so feared that he became the glue that held the country together. Only a ruthless bastard of a leader could hold together the various ethic groups in Iraq who have been at each others throats for the past 1200 plus years or so.

The United States has brilliant analyst's working at the CIA, the State Department, and in the Military. Without a doubt they warned President Bush that "the devil you get may be worst than the devil you've got", to use a Mideast phase, if you take Saddem out. President Bush the elder followed the analyst's advice after the Gulf War. But Bush Two and his neo-con buddies thought that they knew more than the professionals. Now the US is paying the price.

With each milestone (elections) over the past year the US government has been forecasting a winding down of the insurgency and increased stability.

Dream on.

With each election the country lurches ever closed to a full blown civil war. The Iraq politicians are every bit as corrupt as our own . They make statements designed for public consumption then continue to maneuver in the background to further their own pet causes --- like lining their pockets with US taxpayer's money. And to
advance the interests of their own tribe and families. They can't help it. It's expected of them by their peers.

Meanwhile, the real power figures in Iraq lurk in the background waiting to advance their religion. Make no mistake about it religion is the number one driving force in the Mideast and at the end of the day the Ayatollahs will have their say and way. The major question is if it will be the Sunni Ayatollahs or the Shiite Ayatollahs who are dominent and if the country is carved up into several independent regions. Either way it is bad news for dream on President Bush and his equally dreamy headed do gooder associates in Washington.

Why am I so sure about the role that religion will eventually play? In the early 90's I lived in Lahore, Pakistan for two and one half years. I don't pretend to be an expert on the region because of this limited experience but I did see up close and first hand the strong role that religion plays in everyday life. Muslims in the Mideast as elsewhere do take their religion seriously and often without question follow the directions of the Ayatollahs. For the Bush administration to downplay this influence or to think that we can replace it with our own vision of democracy is naive and dangerous.

So what's the forecast for Iraq for 2006?

More bad news. A further relentless breakdown of law and order. More suicide bombings. More and more powerful IED attacks. More deaths of US and allied forces and more deaths among the long suffering Iraq people. The outbreak of civil war. And the dawning of reality for the American solders, citizens, and even the Bush administration.

At some point American will likely declare victory and withdraw. If we try a partial withdrawal expect the remaining forces to be attacked unmercifully. There are powerful forces beyond the handful of foreign fighters (terrorists ) and the home grown insurgents that want us out of Iraq. Iran for example. Or Syria. And more than a few of our "friends". Do you really think the Russians want the US to have permanent military bases in the middle of the most prolific oil production region of the world?

I believe that in time President Bush's "bring them on" decision to venture into Iraq will do down in the history books as one of the worst strategic blunders of all time. On all fronts, militarily, politically, and economically.

As a Vietnam veteran I feel especially bad for the hundreds of thousands of brave American troops who have and are serving in Iraq. They are the best , most professional military force in the world and they have done their duty well, often serving with honor and dedication at tasks for which they had receieved no training. Like managing construction projects and deciding local disputes between rival factions.

It's their commander in chief who is as fault. Bush has sent our loyal military on a fool's task all in the name of national security. But after three years of warfare we are less secure with a weakened military than before we attacked Iraq. And real and present dangers to our national security have increased (North Korea and Iran) while our focus has been on Iraq.

Bush has deployed our valient forces into harms way into a battle we can not win politicially. And if we can not win policially in the end we lose the war. President Bush should ultimately be held accountable for his reckless acts. He has let the military down and the American people down at the most basic and serious level of a President's duty to serve his country with caution; the committing of American forces to war.

I predict that 2006 will be the year of reality. It will become increasingly clear attacking Iraq was a huge mistake. In the end the most likely outcome is that the Ayatollahs will prevail. Iraq will become, probably after many more years of bloodshed, more of an Iranian style theocracy than a Western style democracy.

If that prediction turns out to be true it is the worst possible outcome for America. The devil you get may be worst than the devil you've got.

Happy New Year. I wish that wishing could make it so.